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General Questions

Please go through the FAQ page created by City Travels

What size photo for visa to work in Australia?

35x45mm. Two colored photos reqired with 80% face white background.

How to get visa for Kuwait?

You can take a look at our Kuwait Visa page or give us a call.

What if I need more information?

You can reach us by using the contact us page.

Visa & Immigration

More information about Visa

Which countries Visa support do you give?

1) Australia 2) Bahrain 3) Belgium 4) Brazil 5) Canada 6) China 7) Costa Rica 8) Egypt 9) France 10) Germany 11) Indonesia 12) Israel 13) Italy 14) Japan 15) Kuwait 16) Madagascar 17) Malaysia 18) Mauritius 19) New Zealand 20) Oman 21) Philippines 22) Poland 23) Qatar 24) Russia 25) Saudi Arabia 26) Singapore 27) South Africa 28) South Korea 29) Spain 30) Sri Lanka 31) Sweden 32) Switzerland 33) Thailand 34) Turkey 35) Taiwan 36) UAE / Dubai 37) Uk 38) USA 39) Vietnam

What form to fill for Australia transit visa?

876 visa application form dully filled & signed by pax only.

Does Child need Medical for Kuwait visa stamping?

Children of Age below 12 years do not need medical report for Kuwait Visa Stamping. Although they will need a vaccination certificate. For more info visit our Kuwait visa stamping page.